Organization of the
Twenty-third Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Copied from a Regimental History on file at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

Field and Staff

Colonels: Franklin K. Beck of Wilcox, Al; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg, Ms; killed at Resaca, Ga. Joseph B. Bibb of Montgomery, Al; wounded at Nashville, Tn.

Lieutenant Colonels: Joseph B. Bibb of Montgomery, Al; promoted to Colonel.

Majors: Felix Tait of Wilcox, Al; resigned. John J. Longmire of Monroe, Al; resigned. F. McMurray of Macon, Al; wounded at Missionary Ridge; retired. A.C. Roberts of Marengo, Al; killed at New Hope Church . J.T. Hester of Montgomery.

Adjutants: Henry Goldthwaite of Mobile, Al; resigned. J.T. Norman of Macon, Al; captured at port Gibson, Ms. William Beard of Conecuh, Al.

Captains and County of Origin

Wilcox County. J.J. Longmire; promoted. G.H. Moye; resigned. W.P. Steen; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg, Ms, wounded at Atlanta, Ga.

Macon County. Al. F. McMurray; wounded and captured at Port Gibson, Ms; promoted. F. Rutherford; killed at Jonesborough, Ga. Lieut. Carnie Leslie, commanded until final surrender.

Marengo County. A.L. Norwood; resigned. A.C. Roberts; promoted. Robert Chapman, commanded until final surrender.

Conecuh County. D.K. Smith; resigned. J.T. Hester; promoted. James M. Anderson; commanded until final surrender.

Monroe County. G.G. Mathews; resigned. H.M. Graham; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg, Ms.

Lowndes County. Henry P. Reed; resigned. S. Oliver Merriwether; captured at Port Gibson, Ms.

Chocta County. J.G. Yates; resigned. John Stevens; killed at Port Gibson, Ms. F. Butterfield; killed at Atlanta, Ga.

Conecuh County. T.B. McCall; resigned. B.L. Selman; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg; wounded at Resaca. Lieut. McDonald commanded until final surrender.

Baldwin County. R.Y. Rew; resigned. W.H. Miles; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg.

Wilcox and Clarks Counties. Wm. E. Powe; resigned. Greene D. McConnell; surrendered and paroled at Vicksburg.


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