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Project Launch & Mentoring

Troubled projects are frequently created as the result of an inadequate project launch.  Even experienced PMs can get overwhelmed during launch by contractual, customer and technical issues, leaving typical launch activities for “later”. However, all too often “later” comes only after the project begins to fail.

We offer a range of Project Launch support services, based upon Project Management Institute guidelines, designed to assist your project manager in getting off to a trouble free start.   We can help you to establish tailored behavioral, administrative and technical policies and procedures to help ensure your project team members and supporting staff understand expectations, rules, and required actions and do not waste project time searching for procedural answers.

We also can provide leadership and management mentoring and advisory services to assist junior or inexperienced  project managers to succeed through the project’s entire lifecycle.

Troubled Project Support

Most often troubled projects are the result of one or more of the following factors:

  • A disconnect between what the customer wants and what the team is delivering, albeit very effectively and efficiently
  • An ineffective senior level leader/manager
  • Weak and ineffective mid and lower level leadership and management
  • An inadequate Work Breakdown Structure coupled with a weak project schedule and ineffective organizational structure

We offer a range of remediation services, based on Project Management  Institute guidelines and hard won experience, designed to put your  project back on track.   These services include:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Remediation Action Planning
  • Project Management Mentoring
  • Project Management Process Remediation
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