Pioneer Survivors of the Ft. Mims Massacre
Baldwin County, Alabama
August 30, 1813

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The Story of the Massacre

Pioneers Who Perished

The following list was complied by Mr. David P. Mason and is excerpted from "Fort Mims and The Tensaw Settlement", by Dess L. and Tom Sangster, 1988.

Mrs. David Mims, Sr.
David Mims, Jr.
Alexander Mims
Joseph Mims
Susan Hatterway
Elizabeth Randon
Lizzie ??
Aletha Ann Smith
Sameul Smith
Edward Stedham
Jessie Stedham
Martin Rigdon
Hester ??
Mrs. McGirth and seven daughters
Peter Randon
Dr. Thomas G. Holmes
Josiah Fletcher
Sergeant Matthew
Lt Chambliss
?? Maurice
Joseph Perry
John Hoven
?? Jones
Socco ??
?? Stubblefield
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and perhaps as many as 30 balck male slaves and freemen